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Hoof Treatment

Hoof Soak or Hoof Spray

Two remarkable hoof products

to choose from.

Hoof Spray

White Line Disease Treatment Spray
Hoof Treatment Spray: Horse Thrush | Horse Scratches | White Line Disease
Hoof Spray

Pony Potion Hoof Soak...

is a special blend of dead sea salts that contain bromides, iodine and minerals. This blend is great for soaking a hoof abscess or stone bruise in you horse's foot.

It comes packaged conveniently in a combination with the "STEPNSOAK" hoof soaking boot bag so no more back-breaking buckets. Just place your horses hoof in the bag and pour in the hoof soak solution with warm water and then tie on (See image to the left).

Use for the Hoof Treatment of:

  1. A Hoof Abscess

  2. Stone Bruises

Pony Potion 16 oz. Jar - Includes one STEPNSOAK hoof soaking boot bag.
Hoof Soak Includes 1 "STEPNSOAK" Hoof Soaking Boot / Bag
Designed with safety in mind, the patented StepnSoak boot is 21" high which eliminates the need to have your head and face positioned low in hoof-striking range while putting it on.
  • One step, one piece hoof soaking boot is immediately ready for use.  Durable enough to use over and over.
  • Constructed of heat-sealed IV bag vinyl, StepnSoak boots will not puncture, leak, split or fall off (not recommended for shod hooves).
  • StepnSoak can be used to for a variety of treatments including a hoof abscess, white line disease, bacterial infections, ice treatments or cold-water soaking for navicular treatments.
  • StepnSoak boots are designed to work on hooves of all sizes.
Pony Potion Hoof Spray is the famous product that inspired the rest of the Pony Potion Line!  Specially formulated with essential oils for your horse's hoof.  Made with tea tree oil and grapefruit seed extract which kills over 300 types of bacteria.

"This product cured my horse of white-line disease with consistent application!"  Many customers will testify that this is the best hoof treatment out there.
Use for the Hoof Treatment of:
  • Horse Thrush
  • Horse Scratches
  • White Line Disease

Pony Potion 8 oz. Hoof Spray

Hoof Soak

Hoof Soak

Featured Testimonial...

"My name is Quince Griffin, a certified Farrier, servicing Hampton Roads, Surry, Courtland, Whalleyville, Suffolk, and Northeast North Carolina.  I have worked for Tracy Waller (Director of Pony Potions) and her horse “Cash” for over three years.  Cash has had recurring hoof problems, namely white line disease and hoof separation. Tracy’s diligence and commitment to resolve Cash’s hoof issues has led her to develop the Pony Potion Hoof Treatment Spray.  This product has eliminated the recurring hoof problem!"