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Rolled Bridle Gala

Simple and Elegant, 

Stylish New Design for Horse Bridles...

Rolled Bridle Gala - Dressage Bridles
Brilliance Gala
Rolled Dressage Bridles
Made with Genunine Swarovski Crystals
Dressage Brilliance Rolled Bridle
brilliance rolled bridle button

Cut-Back MonoCrown Features:

  • Black Italian Leather
  • Anatomic and shape is cut back to allow room for the ears which supports superior performance and provides luxurious comfort.
  • Allows for noseband attachment on both sides of head vs. running up and over the head.
  • The black rolled throat latch adds to the elegant rolled look and it is dually adjustable on both sides of the horse's face.
  • Additional Mono-Crown Pieces are sold separately for a custom fit. Or a weymouth mono-crown can be purchased to inexpensively convert to a double rolled bridle.


Rolled Cheek Pieces:

  • Black Rolled Leather
  • 5/8" Hook and stud ends (continues the clean look of the rolled bridle).
  • Additional Cheek piece lengths can be purchased separately for a custom fit.


Crank Cavesson (Noseband) Features:

For Snaffle Bridles Choose:
  • Snaffle Bridle with a Flash Noseband (aka: Flash Crank Cavesson).  Note: Flash strap is Rolled to compliment the elegant look. It can neatly be buckled underneath the horse's head for a cleaner look.
  • Snaffle Bridle without a Flash (aka: Plain Crank Cavesson).
  • Crank Cavessons have an elegant width of 1.25" wide and compliment even small headed equines. A wider crank noseband (1.5", 1.75" or 2") can be special ordered.
  • Super soft and padded for comfort.
  • 2 D-rings on each side of crank for safety) and 1 roller buckle in center.
  • Noseband attaches to mono-crown on both sides of head via two rolled 5/8" wide straps. This style of attachment is desirable vs. running up and over the head. This allows for easily adjusting and/or swapping out the noseband while the bridle is still on the horse. This also allows the affordable option of purchasing additional nosebands for your one for hacking and one for showing.


Black Rolled Rein(s)Options/Features:

The Beasties™ Rolled Reins are the perfect finishing touch. They feature buckle ends and the start with matching rolled leather which completes the clean look of the rolled bridle. The rolled leather then turns into an optional grip material:

  • NO REINS!...Save money by recycling an old pair. Most bridle manufacturers automatically include reins and often times they are not our favorite style. These unwanted reins are included in the high price you pay. Once again Beasties™ gives you the freedom to choose based on your budget and personal preference.
  • Soft Touch Leather Rolled Reins with stops. This unique rein is wrapped in soft calf leather and gives a unique look while being so comfortable in the hand.
  • Flexi-Rubber reins. 1" Wide, this rein style will forever be popular. Beasties™ Rubber Reins offer a special comfort because they are flexible and not stiff in the rider's hands.
  • Weymouth reins: For double bridles only. Comes as a set of two reins:
      1. Qty 1 Snaffle Soft-Touch Rein
      2. And Qty 1 Leather Curb Rein.


Bridle Sizes:

Available in Two Standard Sizes or Purchase Additional Pieces to Custom Size:

    1. Cob/Horse.
    2. Full/Warmblood.
    3. Or, Custom Size - Each piece is available to purchase separately in order to custom fit your horse. For example, lets say you order the full/warmblood size bridle but the cheek pieces seem to be a bit too large on your horse. In this case, you can purchase an extra set of cheek pieces (shorter ones) in order to get that custom fit. That's right, a custom fit bridle at an affordable price! Beasties™ bridles allow you the affordable flexibility of NOT having to purchase TWO bridles in order to make the perfect fit.


Luxurious Bridle Packaging:
Each bridle is thoughtfully packaged in a sheer bag. This bag adds a great touch for gift giving but it also can be used for dust reduction if you store your bridle inside of it.

Crocodile Couture Collection
Rolled Horse Bridles
Two-Tone, Crocodile Embossed
two tone rolled crocodile bridle

Rolled Bridle Features:

Crocodile Bridle Two Tone Rolled
Zoom to Crocodile Embossed Leather Flash Crank Cavesson
Rolled Throat Latch - Adjustable on both sides of head.
Comfort Crown - Padded, Cut-Back Mono-Crown
Optional Rolled Reins - Soft Touch Reins